My Tribute To Johnny Cash

Widely recognized as “The King Of Country”, Johnny Cash has inspired me for years. Everyone likes him and as well they should. I mean how cool was he. With the awesome lines “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash”, or “What’s With All The Black, It looks like your going to a funeral”, and he’d respond with “Maybe I Am.” He was awesome, he had the lowest voice in rock music believe it or not, and he’s in the RocknRoll Hall of fame, Country Hall Of Fame, & Songwriters hall of fame. And nobody deserves all of that more than Johnny. From “I Walk The Line”, (which was recorded by over 400 musical artists), to “Jackson”, from all the way to “A Boy Named Sue”, which wasn’t really his best song, but it was a pretty funny song, Cash proves his case. I loved his music ever since I was just 4 years old, and his legacy has lived through me for years. And just because he’s gone, doesn’t mean he’s forgotten. Rest In Peace Man in Black. He gave us great music with heart, and he’s in three hall of fame’s for crying out loud!


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