My Tribute To Bob Dylan

Hey readers! Today I’m writing my tribute to one of my all time favorite rock and folk singers – Bob Dylan. He’s one of the greatest songwriters ever, and I love him. Anther incredible writer proving that you don’t need a great voice to be a star. Maybe he isn’t the greatest guitarist ever, or best singer, but he is without hesitation one of the best songwriters and harmonica players on earth! He forever changed the lyrics in rock music, and he’ll forever be known as one of the most iconic figures in music. Rock is a very popular genre, but without Dylan meaningful lyrics would have died out a long time ago. I’ve been listening to him ever since I first heard “Like A Rolling Stone”, which led to “Mr. Tambourine Man”, which then led to the whole “Blood On The Tracks” album, and then I fell in love with his music. Bob’s amazing, as a musician, person, & a songwriter. Then again it’s just my opinion. But to me Dylan’s awesome.

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