David Bowie is one of the most iconic and talented figures in both rock & pop music, and he did more than write great songs we all love. He also gave a lot to the music industry. The guy pretty much perfected the meaning of stage presence, and taught all artists why having style matters. Without him a lot of good artists would all look the same, and would be stiffs on a stage, but thanks to him we have tons of great musical artists that also are great performers like Bowie. Anther great thing he gave was great lyric lines, he sang at a time where hair bands were big and they sang about sex and abuse, and that only. But David Bowie always put thought and heart into his music. “See the mice in their million hordes, from Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads”, I mean who can come up with a genius line like that. He popped those in about every song, and when those lines were sung, people would look up and say “man, he can write songs.” Almost everybody likes him, and as well they should. So any time you’re playing guitar or performing music or whatever, take a moment to remember David Bowie for the great music he put out, and what he gave to our industry. Rest in peace David Bowie, you forever changed the world.


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