Top 5 Guitar Riffs by Jerry Cantrell

Sup music fans! I’m a guitarist, and as a musical artist when discussing the topics of guitar, names like Jimi Hendrix or Keith Richards come up, but today we’re looking at an underrated guitarist, singer, & songwriter – Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains. And the top 5 greatest guitar riffs written by him.

5. NO EXUSES (1994) One of my all time favorite Alice In Chains songs “No Excuses”, has an electric guitar riff like no other. It’s off a primarily acoustic EP, and the song and solo are just fantastic. Jerry really perfected solos in songs. For example while Carlos Santana & Joe Walsh are incredible guitarists, their music isn’t really songs. More of just long guitar solos. But in Alice In Chains, you get a great song with some great riffs and amazing solos.

4. NUTSHELL (1994) Anther hit off the primarily acoustic EP “Jar Of Flies”, “Nutshell” is an amazing song, it’s like a lullaby, but man is Cantrell’s riff killer. It’s electric while all else is unplugged, including the bass, it’s a great filler and with one swift kick to it you’ll fall in love with the song, the riff, & the EP all together.

3. WOULD? (1992) Off my personal favorite AIN album “Dirt”, Would? has amazing emphasis & I absolutely love the riff. It’s jazzy without the jazz tone. Naturally it uses distortion and slides around to a point where it’s incredible. The notes fall right into place, and it’s absolutely one of my all time favorite riffs & songs ever.

2. MAN IN THE BOX (1990) The biggest hit off their first studio album “Facelift”. The riff is low and distorted, artistic, and all around great! The song is amazing and part of why it is, is because of this awesome riff. It’s almost like a classic rock riff, or maybe a blues solo with distortion and down tuned chords.

1. HEAVEN BESIDE YOU (1995) He owns the name riff lord. He plays this amazing riff on an acoustic, off their self titled debut album released in 1995. It’s so amazing just explaining it will get it stuck in your head. “Dun-do, Dun-do, Dun-do-do-do-do-do-do, Dun-do, do-do”, – you get the idea. It’s incredibly melodic and is also the first song from this band I’ve ever heard. I fell in love with them right away, and I really hope you do too after listening to this lick.

Thank you all for reading! Now you know why he’s been nicknamed “Riff Lord”. Let me know what your favorite Alice In Chains/Jerry Cantrell riff is, down in the commentary bar below! Also if you enjoyed this list than do follow my blog. I post juicy content every day! And make sure to also subscribe to my YouTube channel – “The Book of Luke”.


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