Gear Review: Line 6 Amps

Sup guys! You probably know if you’ve been following my blog, that I’m a guitarist. My friend Jordan asked me what my favorite electric guitar amps are m, and I responded without hesitation Line 6 Spider amplifiers. They have all these different settings, the sound comes in better then any other electric guitar amp ever. So if you’re learning how to play the electric guitar, and are having hard time looking for amps, then now you have my opinion! Only way to beat these would be a tube amp. But I will say, that I’ve met plenty of people that hate line 6 amps. Just because I love them, doesn’t mean you will. Go to a music store and ask to plug in a guitar into a line 6, odds are you’ll love it and take it home. If you don’t then that’s fine! You can get a crappy orange one! OK I’m just joshing you, just get what feels right. To me it’s line 6, but for you who knows! You might like Belringer or Fender! (Although Belringer are much better known for their mic amps). But my point is that my review for these amplifiers is 5 stars. They come in with built in effects like flange, delay, distortion, and much more so you don’t have to waste money on pedals, and instead just have them be included in your amp! They’re awesome, and I’d personally suggest you at least try them out.

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