5 Musical Artists Parents Absolutely Cannot Stand

Hey guys it’s Luke! I’ve been wanting to do this list for a while, and in my experience and with my parents I discoverd that there is plenty of music that parents hate, and don’t want their child listening to it. Not just because they hate it, but also because they think it will have a bad effect on their children. And these 5 bands and artists today made the top 5 list of what most American parents hate.


I personally don’t know why, my mom and I love this band, but when I looked up bands parents hate, Alice In Chains was in the top 5. Hated by pretty much every parent in the United States. I don’t why, maybe it has something to do with Layne Staley’s drug problem, but Stone Temple Pilot’s Scott Weiland had that too. AND Kurt Cobain, & Adam Duritz. But I didn’t see any of those guys on the list. But whatever, if I’ve learned anything it’s that there is no shortage of haters in the world.


This one I can understand. If you’ve been reading my reviews and articles and such, you probably know how much I like to rad out on Trent Reznor for hismusic skills, or lack there of. I looked up 5 bands parents hate, and this came up. I saw some of the reasons, which really make a lot of sense. Parents don’t like they’re kids listening to this because it’s depressing, explicit, & sings way too much about sex. Parents find every member in the band a bad role model. The only member of course being Trent Reznor. Literally not a band if it’s one person..so wouldn’t Nine Inch Nails be his stage name? Anyways you get the idea parents hate goth stuff. I personally wouldn’t say I hate this band, I just find them overrated, and I really just can’t stand Trent Reznor. In certain aspects of rockandroll, I guess I find some things admirable about the band. But it bothers me that Reznor doesn’t put lots of emotion in his music, and that pretty much all of his music is about meaningless sex. The guy doesn’t have much of a heart, and I’m not saying I love Nine Inch Nails or that I hate Nine Inch Nails. What I’m saying is I hate Trent, and I find Nine Inch Nails okay and mediocre in certain aspects of rock. I got a little of topic here, so moving right along!


This one I also kinda understand. I mean I like him, but the lyrics are pretty heavy at times and let’s just be honest – he looks like trouble. Ever since Manson came out parents and conservative politicians have hated him, I think he’s a talented guy, but I also think that if I had a kid I wouldn’t introduce him to this type of music until later. I mean it’s good, it’s just…kinda bad for someone under the age 12 or in the wrong mindset.


This is legit my favorite emo band of all time, but their name is literally “My Chemical Romance.” Sounds like trouble. They invented emo and parents across America have hated them since, they were just reaching out to kids who were made fun of, not making them miserable. The music shouldn’t be hated by parents because it’s good, and helpful. To know some one else out there hurts and knows how it feels. It’s not really “negative” music.


Yup. Believe it or not One Direction isn’t just hated by me and you, but also is the #1 most despised band by parents in America. Especially fathers to sons, the music is just that bad. Not only do parents hate it, but they hate it when their kids listen to it. Because the music your kid likes is often going to be played in the house. And the music makes them notious. Like pretty much all pop music it’s just a repetitive beat that repeats the lyrics, in which it gets in the parents heads and makes them want to just go insane on the band with physical pain. Anyways now you know! If there are any parents reading, tell me in the comments below what band you hate the most, and don’t want your child listening too.

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