Hey followers! Today I’m taking a look at one of my all time favorite rock musicians Tom Petty, and his legacy in the music industry. I’d like to start by saying that if you’re a musician desiring or achieving fame, it’s really all thanks to this guy. Royalties for movies and such weren’t always as good as they use to be. You see back then it was a few $100 dollars a pop, but now a days it’s millions of dollars any time heard or shown. And it’s thanks to Petty for increasing that, and saying that we deserve more. In the time of Tom Petty there was a lot bands, particularly in the 80’s – hair bands were singing about meaningless sex life, but Petty made every song a book, and pretty much all of his books were pretty fantastic. He brought some of the greatest songs in music to life with “I Won’t Back Down”, “You Don’t Know How It Feels”, “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”, it’s ALMOST as if everything he wrote was perfect . Petty’s music influences us all, let’s just be honest and say that everybody likes him. Also if you think music is bad today, just see what it would be like without Petty, it’d be 10x worse. Music wouldn’t be as popular, and even rock stations would be dominated with hip-hop. The world would be even grayer than it is now since we lost him so young. Rest In Peace Tom, your legacy will live on forever. He’s missed every day, and thank you for telling the record companies that the musicians need to make more money than the company. Means a lot. To sum it up, if he never existed than rock would be even duller than it is now, and rock stations would be dominated with popular music such as hip-hop and pop, and you wouldn’t make as much money as the record company. Which is fun for no one. So next time you listen to Tom Petty, make sure to remember the leap he took for all musicians. Thanks for reading, and keep rockin.


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