Every Green Day Album Ranked Worst to Best

Hey guys! If you don’t know already, then I’ll tell you now that I LOVE Green Day. And when a friend asked my what my favorite album is I literally panicked. All the Green Day albums are good but today I’m gonna show you the ones that are good, and REALLY good.

12. DOS (2012)

It feels weird putting an album titled “Dos” at dead last, but ya it is. Compared to Green Day’s 90’s music this is just ridiculous. With the ultimate cringeworthy song titled “F**k time”, it proves it’s case. But did I mention it has some of my absolute favorite songs on here, such as “Amy”, or “Wow! That’s Loud”, this album has some pretty good music on here, but compared to Green Day’s classics it makes last. Still a good album though, and Mike Dirnt’s bass-lines were amazing.

11. NIMROD (1997)

OK let’s back up here. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life), is one of the best songs EVER made. But Nimrod has an overall album is kinda wimpy. Featuring a lot of try-hard tracks it sends off a negative message on how talented they are. This wasn’t even a bad album. Good Riddance is great, and the album makes a solid 3 stars. It’s good, take some time to find so you can check it out!

10. TRE (2012)

Again putting an album titled “Tre” at #10 sounds weird, but it’s also just about right. The album didn’t have any really awful songs, but didn’t ave any mind blowing songs either. Each track is pretty mediocre, which is better than each track being total crap!


This was their fist album, and considering it was their first album, and Billie Joe was a punk 18 year old kid, it wasn’t bad at all. It really only had 1 pretty good song, and everything else was just OK. Not really a mind blowing album like the next few you’ll see.

8. KERPLUNK! (1992)

This album was pretty good. Featuring the simplistic yet amazing “One for the Razorbacks”, we can tell how much these guys love music. No matter what people say, their 90’s music always reminds me of a couple of guys jamming out in a garage. And it’s absolutely beautiful.

7. UNO (2012)

Putting Uno at #7 may sound weird, but it’s also fairly accurate. “Kill The DJ”, is a pretty funny song. It’s not their best but it puts a smile on my face every time I hear it. I just picture Billie Joe hitting Justin Bieber over the head over and over. I love it.

6. ISOMANIAC (1995)

This is Green Day’s hardest album, there are only a few good songs off of it, but the good songs are so good it breaks into the top 6 without questioning. “Brain Stew”, “Jaded”, are just so incredible.


The new album is a bit overrated, but like insomaniac the good songs are just good. “Revolution Radio”, “Bang! Bang!”, & “Ordinary World” are just that catchy. He put heart into it, and this was their last good album, after that Billie Joe became a jerk. But nevertheless I love Green Day! Also will.

4. WARNING (2002)

A lot of pretty great music is off this underrated album. “Waiting” is a song so catchy it made a 63 year old guy bob his head, “Deadbeat Holiday” warms my heart every time, and is DEFINITELY one of their better albums. As I said before their all good.


This album is great. No other better words to describe it! From “21st Century Breakdown”, to “21 Guns”, to “Know Your Enemy”, you easily see the amazement of this album.

2. DOOKIE (1994)

Everything about this album is great. The cover, the music, and Mike Dirnt is at his best with bass lines. “Longview”, “Basket Case”, “When I Come around”, & the whole album together is fantastic.


The album is literally so awesome it was made a broadway play. It’s so beautiful that it’s literally just a book and each song is a chapter. It’s always gonna hold a place in my heart. From the exciting “Holiday” to the amazing and thought out yet sad “Wake Me Up When September Ends”, if you haven’t heard this album, then you haven’t lived. I think that all songwriters should listen to it honestly.

Thanks for reading you guys! What do you think of my list? What’s your favorite Green Day album, what’s your least favorite album? Hint:They’re all pretty good, this list took FOREVER. But I’m happy to do it and I enjoy putting these articles and my joulisarm out there! Drop a like!

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