Hey singers! I would like to reach out to all baritones toady and just tell them a couple quick tips. No matter what people say stick to your voice. Don’t try to hit those high notes if you can’t, and in my experience, if you try it sounds very strained and a lot like screaming. So go through every motion, from capoing to finding a good song for your voice. Some of my personal favorite baritone singers consist of Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, & Kurt Cobain. That’s just me, but if your a baritone and need a good song to fit your voice then look up some music by these guys. And let me also say to tenors and altos, if your not a baritone, your not a baritone. I’ve seen so many singers try to hit low notes, and it just doesn’t work. Your voice is yours! Own that, it’s unique and that’s great, develop your own style, and with that you’ll only succeed. For example Eddie Vedder, one of the many reasons he has had so much success is because he’s never tried to imitate anybody else’s voice and just uses his. So anyways, I hoped this helped any baritones out there, let me know how Johnny Cash and the other artists fit your voice! Try to sing a song or two by those guys. It will also easily determine whether or not you’re a baritone, because who knows. You might even be a tenor!


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