Hey guys! If you’ve been following my blog you know how much I love rock music and how much I like to laugh. It’s well known that there aren’t a lot of rock stars that are “hilarious”, but the ten we’re counting down today are. Today’s countdown is all about the comedy!


Adam Duritz is no doubt HYSTERICAL. You may not like Counting Crows, but everyone with a “decent” sense of humor loves him. His intelligence is shown in his jokes, and he’s basically like the show “Fraiser”. Smart humor. Like when they were playing a show at The Town Hall (incredible performance there by the way), he talked about the new album coming out. He said it’s called “Abbey Road”. Another time is when the band was playing a gig, and the day it happened there was a huge thing on the news about “why rockers shouldn’t interact with the drunk fans in the crowd.” Adam did the opposite, and he was awesome. He talked to the crowd and tried to get in a conversation, but all people were doing was shouting what to play at him. He treated the crowd like he knew them for a long time, and talked about his day while everyone was doing that and it was hilarious. The guy is great, and way funnier than most actual comedians we see on TV today.


He should honestly be nicknamed “The Comeback King”. Paul McCartney of The Beatles is absolutely hysterical. Which is also awesome because he’s a senior citizen. He went on a talk show a few years ago and Katy Perry showed up, claiming she didn’t know that Paul was still alive. Paul made one of the greatest comeback lines in history and said “I had no idea you existed.” Ironic, hilarious, and talented – Paul McCartney.


This dude is really funny. He always is joking around and it’s pretty hilarious the way he does it. If you don’t know already, he’s married to a super model, who is from Puerto Rico. He jokes around always about her being short and feisty, and she comes up with the best comebacks. The guy’s really funny.


Solo act Jason Mraz is just flat out hilarious. No other better words to describe his humor. From posting pictures of his cats, saying he’s a “Cat Artist”, (oppose to con artist), to simple jokes about life – he proves his great hilarity.


Ozzy is FUNNY. He’s so out of his mind and it’s hysterical how he acts. Just hilarious, and if you’ve ever seen his reality television show (being the only time reality tv is actually funny), you see his humorous side revealed. If you asked him what his guilty pleasure pop song is he’d probably respond with “What’s a pop song?”


Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, obliviously has to make the list. Coming up with the best comebacks off the top of his head, and even just little jokes in his interviews are just all hilarious. When asked what his favorite pop song is he responded with “None! I take pride in everything I listen to. From ABBA to Anthrax.” Which was hilarious and not to mention the best answer out of everyone’s. He also knows what he hates, and it’s pretty funny. Like when asked what is one song that should be banned, he responded with “That awful Rebecca Black song “Friday”. And he immediately went into full on funny mode and it was great.


Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains is not only an amazing songwriter, but he’s also way more funny than Jerry Seinfeld. WAY FUNNIER. The sad part is Seinfeld is trying and is a comedian, and Cantrell isn’t. But if you ask me, Jerry Cantrell is one of the funniest people on the planet. They found a picture of him pretending to open a beer bottle with his teeth, and the interviewer thought it was TOTALLY REAL. He was like “Wait a minute…Is that you?!”. Jerry goofed off and resounded with “Yup. One of my hobbies. It does however take a lot of practice and a good dentist.” Everyone laughed and the interviewer was super confused. It was awesome. Not to mention Jerry Cantrell’s acting in “Jerry Maguire”, which was out of this world hysterical.

(Apologies to all Baby Boomers reading about what I said about Seinfeld. Bare with me.)


Johnny Cash took awesome comeback lines to a whole new level. He wore all black a lot of times as you know, and was picked on for it. Some would say “Johnny, what’s with all the black? It’s depressing and it looks like you’re going to a funeral.” And he simply responded with “Maybe I am.” Which gets me every time. Great musician, person, and was out of this world funny. Not to mention his hysterical job on SNL, which he hosted!


This guy scared me when I was a kid, but now of course I like his music, and I gotta say he’s one of the funniest guys on the planet. He’s always making me laugh, and one of the most memorable lines in history came from this very man. He was asked about how he met Marilyn Manson, and he told the story. “Someone went up to me and said “Hey Marilyn Manson’s right before you! And I said “Oh some guy with a girls name that wears make-up and does theatrics. Wish I would’ve thought of that.” Which made me laugh way too hard. It was witty, intelligent, and one of the greatest lines ever.


Love him or loathe him, he’s absolutely hysterical. There was rumors spreading around about the Foo Fighters breaking up. It wasn’t true and Dave and the band made an amazingly funny video about Dave going solo and becoming a pop star. He was taught that you just need to press a button and dance, and it was absolutely fantastic. Anther time is when he broke his leg, and he told a girl with her phone out at a concert that he would get up and dance with her if she put it down. The guy’s hilarious. And of course the time when he talked about deadmau5 was really funny. And my personal favorite was his parody of the 70’s horror movie “Carrie”. He was challenged into an ice bucket thing, and instead of just making a video of him taking a bucket of ice to the body, he made this hilarious video. If you haven’t seen Carrie, there is a scene in which the namesake star Carrie, is covered in blood at prom. Grohl instead was covered in ice and the bucket hit drummer Taylor Hawkins in the head in slow motion. It was probably the funniest thing of the year, and it literally made my day.

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