MY 2018 CONCERT SERIES LINE-UP: Steely Dan, Stone Temple Pilots, Bush, The Cult, & More

As you all know summer is coming up! And one of the many reasons Summer is so exciting is because of all the concerts going on. Basically here I’m just journaling about all the shows I will be exited to see this summer!


Bush & Stone Temple Pilots have been reportedly touring together and will be coming close this summer! My only thought on this is WOW. If you’ve read my top ten favorite bands list you know I’m a huge fan of both of these guys, and I literally can’t wait to see them. My only concern is Scott not being there. Naturally, the band has played sloppy since his death, and you can’t replace a voice of a generation. But since STP are good to their fans I’m sure they’ll play some of the older stuff done with Scott, and it’ll be fine. And ya know The Cult is harmless, they’ll probably be the opening act for the opening act (which is either going to be Stone Temple Pilots or Bush). I like a few songs by them. This is definitely gonna be one of my favorites to see!!


This is a more interesting turn of events. You see, it was announced April 1st, by Adam Duritz and David Immergluck, that the band was going back on tour and then they laughed. It says that there are Counting Crows tickets available, but I’m still unsure of whether or not they were joking and it actually will just be LIVE playing, and maybe the Crows will be the opening act. Not sure, but I’d love to see the Crows because I’m a huge fan! I like an album by LIVE, but I wouldn’t really pay to see them – unless of course they’re with a band I love such as the Counting Crows. Nonetheless I’ll enjoy a lot of concerts in this series, with or without them.


This is my parents’ literal FAVORITE band. I really like them too, don’t get me wrong at all. Big fan, and it’d be foolish not to recognize the talent the group has. BUT they’re my parents band. There are a lot of reasons why my mom never loved Dire Straits or Fleetwood Mac – they were favorites of her dad. But anyway, I’m super excited to see them, great performers, and they’re gonna be great! A nice band to add to the summer series list!!


My good friend and jam buddy Chris had extra tickets to these guys, and OF COURSE my dad and I said yes! They both are talented groups, and I don’t really know a large majority of their music, but they’re good performers and I like concerts. Thanks Chris for inviting us! Elliot Randall is after all actually one of the greatest guitarists of all time.


I’m a big fan of Collective Soul, and I’d love to see them! Not really a fan of Three Doors Down, but it’s really the same story with The Cult & Bush. Three Doors Down is just harmless, and they’ve got a few songs I like. Love to see these guys! Plus I’m certain that 3 Doors will just be the opening act.


If you know me, you know this is my FAVORITE band. I’m jumping up and down for the moment to come! So what if Darcy isn’t there, she’s a replaceable bassist and the show’s gonna be awesome. Not a clue who they’re touring with, and it’s probably nobody. Which makes since, as it is a no-album based tour.

Well, there you have it! Those are all of the musical artists I’m seeing this summer! Make sure to follow my posts so I can tell you all about the concert experiences, as I will be journaling about it!! Tell me in the comments below which artists you’ll be seeing this summer. Who are you most excited about seeing?

P.S. I encourage you to journal about it after the show! 🙂

6 thoughts on “MY 2018 CONCERT SERIES LINE-UP: Steely Dan, Stone Temple Pilots, Bush, The Cult, & More

  1. You will be a bigger DMB fan after seeing them live. That’s part of loving a Jam Band, you have to experience it in person. Who will fill in for Boyd? Tim or new touring member?

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  2. Okay, this is officially my favorite post of yours so far. It seriously gives me massive amounts of joy that you love good music!!! I am SO excited for you to see dmb with dad and me. I know you will walk away with a WAY bigger appreciation for the band and the fans, and of course, your awesome parents.
    Rock on, Luke. Don’t ever stop.

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