My Review For Luna Ukuleles

Hey ukulele players! I’m here to talk about the most advertised brand of ukulele today, “Luna”. May I just say, out of all the ukuleles I have played on, this brand is by far the best. The acoustics are amazing in really any room, they’re easy to learn on, and they sound so beautiful and clean. Although it’s a bit quiet it makes me love it even more because that’s how it’s supposed to be. Then again that’s just what I think. I’m certain that there are people out there that think Luna’s maybe aren’t the best, but in my opinion these are great ukuleles, and if you wanted to buy one, but just weren’t sure, then now you have my opinion! The necks are slick, they can use guitar capos and are just a lot of fun. Five stars! A lot of them come in with really cool designs, and I didn’t realize mine was a face until like a year after I got it. But anyway, great instrument, sounds fantastic, and you should go get yours now! They come in all sizes (soprano, concert, baritone), and will wow all your friends with just a bit of practice!

2 thoughts on “My Review For Luna Ukuleles

  1. Great review and video! I love the sound of the ukulele, it reminds me of the beach. I actually think I might be able to try to play it, if you help me. I think it might be a little easier and more manageable than the guitar. Maybe you can give me lessons!

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