My Top 10 Favorite Bands


by Luke Giese

Hey everybody! As you probably know I love music. Listening to it, playing it, reviewing it and all that. And it’s been a while since I sat down and looked at my playlist. So I thought today I’d take a look at my top 10 favorite rock bands of all time. And if this article can get enough praise, then I’ll do it annually! (Odds are it’ll never change). Anyways let’s dive right into number 10.


“Ahh The Black Crowes. At a time when alt-rock was at the masses they stuck with traditional straight-up RocknRoll. A group that never was out of sync! Chris Robinson & Rich Robinson are fantastic songwriters and we learn how much music means to them in all their work. All their songs are stories, and that’s the way it should be. And sure I was heartbroken when they broke up in 2010, but I’d be happy to see any reunion shows, and I’m still always going to be a fan. Thanks to The Black Crowes, one of the most underrated bands of the 90’s.” 

  1. BUSH

“Bush is my favorite British band. Not only because Gavin is a great songwriter and they’re all great musicians, but also because their music always has some sort of distinctive sound to it. Out of the brit-pop bands of the 90’s, Bush stood out because of their edgy sound, and more expressive than most lyrics. In the power-ballads “Glycerine” & “Swallowed”, you hear how great they mixed Brit-pop and post-Grunge. Although I was a bit upset with Rossdale when the band split in 2002, I’m happy they reunited in 2015. At least they reunited! Thank-you Bush for some of the best work not only in the 90’s but also in just general music.”


“Let’s just skip the basics here and say it. Stone Temple Pilots Are Top 10 greatest rock bands of all time. Their lyrics are relatable to me in many ways of feeling rejected and you know a songwriter is good when they can connect with someone that don’t even know. Dean DeLeo picked the perfect singer, drummer, & bassist for the project. Robert’s Jazz-lines are like no other bass-lines in rock. Eric plays a drum solo like nobody else can, Scott Weiland has one of the most unique and best voices in rock, and Dean can play guitar and write just as good as all the major bands can. I love this band because they’re not in it for being on the cover of the magazine, or for the super models. But simply just for the music. And yes I think it was a mistake firing Weiland, but in Dean’s defense Scott did die of health issues shortly after.”


“Ok this one you had to see coming. I’m Rocker from Florida just like Petty and his band of mighty musicians. Every song tells a different unique story about a person he cared about. His songwriting was truly admirable, because anybody who’s tried to write before knows how hard it is. Petty was laid back and gave so much to the music industry. Without these guys, royalties would be half as much as they are today. Tom took time and drafted the best musicians he good find. With riff lord Mike Campbell, he wrote songs that everybody loved. Now as an artist, there are gonna be people that like you and hate you, unless your The Heartbreakers, or The Beatles, or Johnny Cash. Just another reason to put the Heartbreakers in the top 10. Thank-you guys, and Rest In Peace Tom.” 


“Green Day’s sculpted symphony of reckless guitar solos, groovy bass-lines, & stories about action easily put them in the top Ten. American Idiot was an album so good it was made into a play. This album was so great it was literally just a book, and each track was a chapter. And they made great music even before that. And I don’t care what you think. “It’s not punk, and it’s blasphemy!”. I don’t give a crap, this band is awesome. Their lyrics are meaningful, their music is beautiful, and their hearts are made of gold. It’s well deserved that they’re in the RocknRoll Hall Of Fame. Billie Joe, Mike Dirnt, & Tre Cool are some of music’s best. From great bass-lines, to phenomenal drum-fillers, to great lyrics with a guitar solo in the middle. I love you Green Day!” 

  1. U2 

“We’re down to the top 5, and I have to say without question that these guys deserve to be in. They’re great musical artists and even better people, I started listening to them  when I was 8 years old, and they inspired me to play music, and get into it. With Bono’s vocals, the Edge’s background fillers, Adam’s simple yet beautiful bass-lines, and Larry’s Drum intros you find the perfecters Of Christian Rock U2. Everybody knows that a great 80’s Record starts with drums and U2 really put that aspect into perspective. With protest songs like “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, and “Bad”, we really get a feel for the life Bono had. And it’s not easy telling your life-story in a 3-5 minute song, yet Bono makes it look like a piece of cake, and he does an amazing job with Performing, singing, & songwriting.” 


“Combing one of the greatest songwriters of the 90’s (Eddie Vedder), & one of the greatest guitarists of the 90’s (Mike McCready), Pearl Jam was the perfect model for Grunge. With messy hair, real stories, & musical talent they made alt-rock popular. Without them a lot of rock music today would go unnoticed. They brought alternative to the masses, and I thank them all the time for that. Pearl Jam is definitely worthy of the top 5. Featuring Eddie’s intense vibrato vocal style, Mike McCready and Stone Gossard’s harmonized guitar solos, Matt’s drumming compatibility, and Jeff’s overlapping bass riffs, we know easily why Pearl Jam made it to this list. Also they’re in it for the music, they didn’t take the cash and leave, they kept touring and writing and pleasing their fans.” 


“Like The Black Crowes, these guys were sticking with classic rock style, and that isn’t easy to do considering it’s hard to not go with the alt-Rock flow. These guys did everything the Black Crowes did and more, they had even more songwriting skills, even more musical ability, & even more passion. With Adam Duritz’s charismatic vocals, (arguably the best in rock), and irresistible bass-lines, folkish guitar licks, featuring Jim’s unique drum kit, & Charlie’s accordion, counting crows model as the perfect rock band. There isn’t one bad song of August and everything after, and like American Idiot, it’s a book and every song a chapter. Because of this they will always be in the top 5. They will always hold a place in my heart. Thank-you Adam Duritz, Charlie Gillingham, Dan Vickery, David Bryson, Jim Bogios, Millard Powers, & David Immergluck for beautiful music with heart-felt meaning.”


“I’ve been in love with this band ever since I heard the opening riff to “About A Girl”, discovering Nirvana was one of the most cherishble moments in my life. Kurt’s songwriting was like nobody else’s. He saved rock and led his generation with an iron fist. Krist Novoselic brought using a pick on a bass back, and wrote some of the most impressive bass-lines I’ve ever heard. Dave Grohl’s fast and reckless drumming left everybody in awe. And yes I was heartbroken to hear about Kurt Cobain’s death, and yes I was frustrated when he would stumbled in live videos (I wasn’t Alive In The 90’s but experienced Nirvana in my own time), but never-the less, this band is awesome. They will be forever in the top Ten. Nevermind is the most Influential, interesting, & greatest album of the 90’s. In Utero is the most artistic album in rock, and need I say more? “All Apologies”, “Lithium”, “Mexican Seafood”, and an endless catalog  of great songs follows this band. Thank-you Nirvana, and thank-you Cobain for teaching us to be ourselves, and that if you’re meant to be in the spot light, your meant to be in the spotlight. I can relate to peers never believing in you, and I love you Kurt! R.I.P. Nirvana. 1987-Infinity.” 


“I can’t say that this comes to a surprise to anybody that knows me. This band really saved music, as underrated as they are they put out the pop crap and put in the rock. Without them rock wouldn’t even be a genre anymore. Nirvana may have invented alternative, but the pumpkins perfected it, saved it, & put a label on it. Sure they took a brake for a couple years, but that just shows how much frontman Billy Corgan cares. He wants to what’s best for everybody, and if taking a break then bouncing back is what it takes, then he’ll do it. “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” is the greatest song of the 90’s period. Nevermind May be the number 1 album but none of the songs match this one. “Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage”, nobody can come up with a lyric line like that. So what if there’s been a lot of line-up changes. Billy is the band. He’s the amazing lead guitarist, singer, & songwriter. The rhythm guitarist, bassist, & drummers are replaceable. Yet very important don’t get me wrong. Without bass it’s flat, without drums there’s not rhythm and your timings off, without rhythm guitar it’s just solos and everybody knows how important fillers are! And James Iha, D’arcy Wretszky, and Jimmy Chamberlin were very talented. But no matter how good you get there’s always somebody better. That goes for Billy, too. Because somebody somewhere can do all the epic things he can do and more. I love the pumpkins, #1 for sure! 

I appreciate all that read, hope you enjoyed and hope you compared this list with yours! 

Thank you, have a good day!” 

Rock on!

-Luke Giese

5 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Bands

  1. Love this, Luke. I’ve been reading your writings for a while now, glad you will be sharing your talents and insights for all to see and hear! So proud of you!


  2. I enjoyed reading this, Luke. You did a great job on it and I’m really proud of you. I’m so glad you started a blog so we can enjoy more of your writing. Please let us know when you write another post.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great Bands on that list. My top 5
    5. Matchbox 20 – Rob Thomas is already in song writers hall of fame, has a legendary voice and him and the band would always bring high energy all night to their shows, especially when playing in home state of Florida. It’s music that is enjoyed by both men and women, is fun and makes you feel good. Never miss a show!
    4. Nirvana – Didn’t just become the biggest rock band on the planet, they redefined Rock & Roll and their unique alternative sound and style is still the prime influence for aspiring rock musicians. Top it all off, they killed the Hair Bands of the 80’s doing all of us a huge favor. Cobain was same age as me and his music introduced the world to Gen X, that has continued to see the world differently.
    3) Tom Petty & The Heart Breakers – Forget me calling Florida home, Tom Petty cassettes were being played nonstop in my car before I moved to Florida. His music became a story book of people’s lives and his concerts were a family sing along without any drama. R.I.P. Tom Petty and your music will always be on the top of my playlist.
    2) Counting Crows – Adam Duritz not only had the most recognizable voice of the 90’s he and the band wrote songs with heart. Films About Ghosts is as creative a greatest hits album a band could put out. In the 90’s they were influential and high energy in concert and their body of work has soul which will never go away.
    1) Dave Mathews Band – The 1990’s was the biggest decade for the music industry. Dave Mathews was a big part of the decade and led the industry in how to make money in music in the digital era that would follow by being the top performing touring band. Critics would comment that you either love DMB or you don’t like them. See them live in concert and you will love them. From Charlottesville the band is composed of accomplished jazz musicians that joined forces to put together a sound that was new and fresh. They succeeded by writing songs about intimate relationships and injustices and earned their success in front of live audiences. It is still the best of both worlds, meaningful music recorded and then promoted on tour. Want another reason? They wrote my favorite song of the 1990’s. Crash Into Me.

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