My Review For Frisco Music Center

“Hey musicians! If you live in Dallas, Texas and need an instrument to be repaired, fixed, or are just looking for a new instrument or whatever music equipment needs you have, than you can’t go wrong with Frisco Music Center. These guys carry only quality instruments, and repaired and restrung my guitar for free just because I’ve been a loyal customer. There’s only a few employees , and it’s nice to see only familiar faces. Because if you walk in one of those large cooperations you don’t know who your going to see, & there’s SOME pretty rude employees at some music stores like that, but not here! They carry Keyboards, guitars, bass-guitars, amps, chords, straps, picks, pedals, you name it! They also give music lessons and repair equipment AMAZINGLY. So c’mon down to Frisco Music! It’s fast and convient and nowhere near as expensive as larger cooperations. FIVE STARS!”

Rock on,

Luke Giese

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