Foolish YouTuber Babbles On About How Nirvana “Sucks” And How All Nirvana Fans Are “Morons”

Hey guys! As you all know, I’m a massive fan of Nirvana, and recently I watched an extremely insulting video on YouTube, about this guy going on and on, about how much Nirvana sucks and that all their fans are morons. He’s obviously a very negative person, because most people who hate a certain band won’t insult them and go on and on about why they suck, and instead will go on and on about how much they love a certain band. So the only message I have for this guy is, SHUT UP!! You’ve called all the thousands of Nirvana fans out there morons, and the only person out there that would do such a thing is literally just a moron. And for you to lie and say that his daughter said she hated his music, is just even worse. She said in the clip that it just wasn’t her cup of tea, but she found a few songs quite brilliant. And she actually sounded quite intelligent in the video. And I can’t believe you insulted “Dumb”, one of my favorite songs. There was so much passion and emotion put into the song, and you called it “Babbling Garbage”. If you want more subscribers then maybe don’t insult a very popular band that a large majority of the population likes. Just a little tip bro! And for your information, I’m not a “self-indulged moron”, and you probably don’t even know what that means. Being a fan of a certain band doesn’t make you a self-indulged moron. And if you don’t know already – Kurt was a musical genius, and a great artist. So quit bashing Nirvana. And you know, I wasn’t going to write this at first, and I’m not going to lie. I feel slightly hypocritical because I said “focus on the positive”, but in this case I thought I should say this. Now I’m not going to give out this guys name, or a link to the video. Because I don’t want to fight, but I think since he knows who he is, he could see how much he’s offended people and that he needs to stop. So please back off. And if you don’t like Nirvana, that’s ok, it fine. It’s your choice. And that’s the great thing about the internet, it’s all about choice. But for you to make a hateful and harmful video like you did and upload it to YouTube is not even close to ok. And maybe some Nirvana fans are morons, but it’s never ok to say “all of them are.”

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