My Review For LTD Electric Guitars

Attention all metalheads! If you’re looking for a new guitar, or to boost up the intensity of your sound, then you should definitely get an LTD. They come with a tremolo effect in which you can whammy to the point where the strings are so low they sound like bowling pins! Great for djenting, thrashing, & just general shredding. They have the best feedback of any other metal guitars, and are used by all the great metal heroes such as Kirk Hammet & Rhandy Rhoads. They are phenomenal instruments and sound even cooler with EMG pick-ups. They’re at guitar center, and really every guitar shop you could think of. They’re the leading brand of metal guitars for a reason, and it’s because of their quailty. These are actually even great for jazz, B.B. King had a few and used them! So whether your a metalhead, or just a guitarist in general looking for a bigger sound with nice effects built in the guitar, then LTD is a great decision. The average guitar costs $1,000 dollars. But I’m sure you can get them used for only $500 at your local city’s music shop. So get up and go get one! The neck is thin and slick, and the effects are limitless! -Luke Giese

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