Can’t Deny Me – Pearl Jam (review)

If you guys don’t know already, Pearl Jam released a new song about a week or two ago, and I just listened to it. Let me start out by saying that I am a huge Pearl Jam fan, they’re one of my all time favorites and I love them. But to tell you the truth about their new single, it lacked. I almost could say I hated it. Eddie’s vocal change is admirable, yet his songwriting ability and composing skills have run very dry. The single in itself may be bad, but also the concept of it is just stupid. I don’t care about politics, and frankly, Eddie Vedder, nobody else cares either. We just want to listen to some music, we don’t care about your political stance even a little bit. This new single was a huge disappointment, and I can tell you right now it’s definitely not worth checking out. On a side note, they’ve written some of the greatest work of the 90’s, and you SHOULD definitely check that stuff out. And don’t get me wrong they had some great work in the 2000’s as well, with “Sirens”, & “Just Breathe”, and such. It’s just that this new single doesn’t make it on Pearl Jam’s good songs list. Despite how I feel about this new single, I still love the band and they’re awesome. It’s tough to make all of the songs you write great songs. In fact, it’s impossible. I don’t think there’s one band that hasn’t released some bad music, and as a songwriter myself I completely understand. But not only am I songwriter, I’m also a music critic and I will give reviews on new music. Not all of them are going to be great. My conclusion is left at this – Pearl Jam is one of the greatest rock bands of all time, but this new single is definitely NOT GOOD. Thanks to all that read! Love you guys, and have a happy Easter, and also a great National Poetry Month!

Rock on,

Luke Giese

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