“With today’s technology there are a lot of singers that use autotune, and if you don’t know what that is I’ll explain. Auto tune is an app you can get to make your voice sound good, so basically if you can’t sing then you could just get autotune and record yourself singing and make it sound “good”. And my message today is that using it is just not right. The fans deserve what’s real, and not putting in the effort to work on your singing and just have a computer fix it for you is not only lazy, but insulting to all the vocalists working so hard to get good at what they do. And it’s not only rude to the fans, but it also makes you look bad. It makes you look like a singer that can’t sing, and relies on autotune like a very large majority of pop “singers”. Then when you go live and you can’t sing, you just lip sync. Unless your like one nameless pop singer (protecting the guilty), who is so full of themselves that they won’t even admit to people that they use autotune and will try to sing live and fail, and then they’ll lie to the fans saying “they’ve never used autotune, never such a thing”. It’s downright disrespectful, rude, and irritating. If I ever produce records, I’ll make sure to tell the vocalist that wants to use autotune the same thing. So if you were thinking about using autotune, then fine. It’s your choice. So I only have one tip for you, and that’s don’t use too much. If you use too much, it’ll sound obvious and canned. So don’t be like Flo Rida, Miley Cyrus, or basically every hip-hop artist ever and use too much. And if you need that much autotune to sound good, than there’s a serious unresolved problem and maybe you shouldn’t sing. Let’s just be honest and say it, NOBODY needs that much. And I’m sure if you’re a singer reading you literally don’t need that much, so I guess I’ll end it by saying this – if you think you need to use autotune, you’re probably wrong. Just work on your singing and the odds are you’ll get better. And if you do use autotune, there are gonna be fans that are also singers that WILL notice and they WILL probably lose a lot of respect for you.”

One thought on “THE FANS DESERVE BETTER:Why Using Autotune Is NOT OK

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