My Review For Matt Burk Music Studio

“Wanna learn music? But never had the time or money to do so, or maybe you just couldn’t find the right teachers for you? Well then today is your lucky day! Because if you live in the north Dallas, Texas area and you want to pursue music, you can! Matt Burk Music Studio has some of the best musicians and teachers in the state. They teach guitar, bass-guitar, piano, trumpet, ukulele, drums, and voice and they are amazing at it! They drafted only the most experienced musicians they could find and all of the teachers have great methods. They take music very seriously, yet still are the most fun! The vocal coach literally got her degree in voice, the trumpet teacher got his degree in music performance at one of the finest music schools in America (University Of North Texas), and all around everybody that works there is very qualified, experienced, & are great musicians/teachers. But the greatness doesn’t even stop there! They have an excellent band program, that actually I am in, and we’re playing a showcase at The House Of Blues in May. Every year they have this program to help fellow musicians play in sync together and learn how to perform live better. And don’t worry if you’re an adult, because all of this is for all ages! Our drummer is 26, and she’s great! There are plenty of adults that are taking lessons, you’re never too old to pursue music! It’s for all ages!! And nobody puts that aspect in perspective better than this music studio. So if you’ve ever wanted to play an instrument but you couldn’t find a good enough teacher, than go to and schedule a lesson plan. They have locations in Frisco and in Allen, and actually in Allen they have a REAL recording program. In fact one of my favorite local punk bands (Offended by Everything) records there in Allen! Even experienced musicians such as them go to Matt Burk to record, and it’s also a great outlet for booking gigs. Whatcha waiting for! Go to the website and learn an instrument or book some shows from these 5 star musicians from a 5 star studio!” -Luke Giese

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