The Truth About Expensive Gear For Local Bands

Hey guys! This blog post was actually inspired by SpectreSoundStudios, and I thought the guy in the video was really helpful, so I thought I’d grab some stuff he said in the video and be encouraging.

So you’re in a band. You guys are just starting out, and you want the best gear possible and you want the best tone. I can tell you right now that it really doesn’t even matter. I saw a few local bands at The House Of Blues, and the first one came out with a crummy bass amp and a few crappy orange amp combos. I know. Not exactly the best tone. But then the second one came out with some Marshall’s, Line 6 Spider’s, and a beautiful 5150 bass amp. Do you know how much people in the audience were discussing the massive change of tone quality? NOBODY! OK, maybe the one or two guitarists in the crowd, but other than that nobody else is going to notice or care about what kind of amps you use. Now I’m not saying that it’s not good to have nice gear, it is. But I’m saying that you can’t let your budget get in the way of your playing, because nobody in the crowd is going to notice the difference. If your band mates are giving you a hard time about it, don’t worry. Because the only opinion that matters is the audiences opinion. They’re not going to notice if you have a dirt cheap amp, but they will notice if you’re not in tune or out of sync. So if you can’t afford a expensive tube amp, or if your tube amp is too expensive to travel with, then don’t worry about it. But again it’s also important to remember that if your recording in studio that it’s different, you want the best tone possible and gear really does matter in that case. But if you’re a local band playing for your girlfriends and parents, and just local people at the House of Blues or whatever it doesn’t matter. And that’s how it is when you’re a band starting out, you just play what you can afford. I talked to this one band and they were going on and on saying that they needed 40 different amps during one show, and it’s not true. Just look at the audience, and stop changing the knobs on your amp for crying out loud! And if you do have an obsessive guitar player in your band who goes on and on about gear, than just tell him the truth. Having expensive gear and bragging about it doesn’t make you a “great” guitar player. So remember this, because I saw a band playing for thousands of people, and they only used 1 amp. I know, a lot of local bands have expensive gear, and maybe it’s true that you don’t have that. And it’s kind of a kick in the teeth, so just keep this message in the back your mind, because your budget definitely does NOT need get in the way of your playing.

Rock on!

Luke Giese

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