My Top 10 Favorite Songs Of The 90’s

“If you guys aren’t up to date on it, then I’ll tell you now that I love 90’s rock music. Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, all that good stuff. And there was a LOT of great music made in the decade. And today I thought I’d take a look at my top ten favorite songs of my favorite musical decade, the 90’s.”

10. Glycerine (1994) – Bush

“Glycerine is one of the most beautiful and amazing songs I’ve ever heard, and it’s by one of my all-time favorite bands, Bush. This was off their biggest album “Sixteen Stone”, and it was the first album by them I had heard. This was their crowning achievement, and as far as what people know them for this was their best. The song is one of the greatest in just general music in my opinion, with Gavin’s emotional and powerful voice, and Corey’s bass-line, not to mention Nigel’s fuzzed-out soaked distorted guitar, and especially the cello in the piece of music – all at once amazing and moving.”

9. My Own Worst Enemy (1999) – Lit

“A great one hit wonder, and as corny as it may be, it’s one of the greatest songs ever. It speaks to me, and that’s for sure. It’s energetic, edgy, and just all around a really great song, and it’s really honestly one of the last songs of the 90’s to be so good.”

8. Big Empty (1994) – Stone Temple Pilots

“This song is AWESOME. The guitar is a masterpiece and the bass is beautiful. The lyrics are emotional and heartfelt, and I love this band so much. It’s easily recognized as one of the band’s greatest hits, and it was the song that changed the aspect of grunge. It was actually literally the only grunge song from a band that wasn’t from Seattle. Influential, Important, and a great song.”

7. Into The Great Wide Open (1991) – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

“Off their last good album, “Into The Great Wide Open”, it is truly one of the greatest songs ever written. It’s powerful, artistic, and just by listening to it you can tell that this was the perfect ending for a great band such as the heartbreakers.”

6. Closing Time (1998) – Semisonic

“Anther late-90’s one-hit wonder. “Closing Time” by Semisonic, is a great song about a popular event – being stood up. The song alone has been incredibly influential and it’s GREAT.”

5. When I Come Around (1994) – Green Day

“This song is fun, edgy, and emotionally overwhelming all at once. It’s a absolutely phonemal bass-line, and it’s one of the greatest vocal performances ever. The guitar and drums are in sync and make you feel deep emotions just by the solo. 5 star song!”

4. Jeremey (1991) – Pearl Jam

“This depressing song is no matter what you think, awesome. One of Mike McCready’s best riffs for sure, and it shows off Eddie’s songwriting abilities more than any other song by them. Eddie read about a story in the newspaper about a boy who shot himself in front of his class because he was treated poorly. Vedder was touched by the heartbreaking story and wrote this power-ballad in honor of “King Jeremey the wicked”.

3. Mr. Jones (1993) – Counting Crows

“I’m roughly 13 years old, and when I first heard this song I was maybe 9, and I fell in love with it. And out of everything I was going through when I heard that song, from being a musician wanting a better future, it just spoke to me. And sure then at my tender age I thought the rest of the album was depressing and weird, of course I love it now, and when you’re nine years old “Staring At The bright lights, looking at the video, when everybody loves me I will never be lonely”, it means a lot.”

2. Smells Like Teen Spirit (1991) – Nirvana

“This is one of the most influential, iconic, and inspiring songs in the history of music. The song made the band big, and quickly because of this song they became biggest band in the world. The lyrics were emotional, and I wish we would look for more Nirvana’s with emotional lyrics rather than whatever’s at the top of the charts now.”

1. Bullet With Butterfly Wings (1995) – Smashing Pumpkins

“Yeah this is my favorite song of the 90’s. “Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in cage”, “the world is a vampire”, “secret destroyers, hold you up to the flames”. All in one song, three of some of the most amazing lyric lines in rock. The song definitely in my opinion is the best song of the decade. With the groovy-metal bass line, to Billy’s unique and beautiful voice, to James’ simple yet awesome background fillers, you’ll see what I mean.”

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2 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Songs Of The 90’s

  1. Great List! My top 5) One – U2
    4) Better Man – Pearl Jam
    3) Murder Of One – Counting Crows
    2) Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana
    1) Crash Into Me – Dave Mathews Band

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