My Review For Goplus Bass-guitars

“Hey guys, if you’re a musician want to specifically play bass-guitar, then go plus bass-guitars are great! They’re cheap, easy to learn on, and sound just as good as a fender! They come in the styles of prescion & jazz, the paint job is great and the pick-ups are awesome. Although the fretboard cracks easily, so make sure to take good care of it, and wash it with a cloth every day. But none the less these bass-guitars are fantastic for being only $100. You can get these online on amazon, and most likely at your local music store. 5 stars considering – less than $200 dollars, these are great if you’re looking to try bass, or are a beginner bassist looking to get a nice one. These honestly really aren’t that bad for experienced bassists either. They’re not like the first act brand or the rock jam brand, where they’re more like toys. 5 stars for beginners, & 3 for experienced. Anyway, I just thought I could help anybody wanting to try bass. I strongly encourage you to try it, and suggest you get a Go Plus!” -Luke Giese

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