10 Greatest Rock Vocalists Of The 90’s

“I was sitting down at my music studio and my pal Jordan asked me if there was one singer I wish I could sing like and who would it be. And it gave me a great idea. You know how I love the 90’s, and rock music, and I’ve made a list on the ten greatest guitarists, bassists, and bands of all time, and now I think it’s time we take a look at the ten greatest rock vocalists of the 90’s.”


“Punk rock singer and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day has a really great voice! He can hold his breath FOREVER and still sound spantacular. In songs like “Holiday”, or “21 Guns”, you’ll immediately see what I’m talking about.”


“English musician Gavin Rossdale has some of the widest vocal range in rock history, and he can make his voice sound different whenever ever he wants. He can be raspy and grungey, or clean and poppy. He has great control, and he’s just a really awesome singer.”


“Chris Robinson impresses me about every song that he sings. He’s mastered the vibrato technique and his voice is incredible! In the jams such as “She Talks To Angels”, or “Jealous Again”, Robinson really proves his talents.”


“Dolores O Ridian, famously known as the frontwomen of The Cranberries had a very beautiful voice. From her vibrato to her wide vocal range, Ridian left us all stunned, and this wouldn’t be an accurate list without her.”


“This girl can belt. Her voice is fantastic, and the special part about her voice is mainly how passionate and unique it is. Out of all the female rock vocalists of the 90’s, Sheryl Crow stood out and you could tell it was her singing when you heard her music. She has some of the widest range in music, and she’s got absolutely amazing control over her voice.”


“Scott Weiland’s voice was unforgettably incredible. There’s no better words to describe how gifted as a vocalist he was. His voice was a lot more passionate than most grunge singers at the time, and he showed he can scream and yell, but he can also show his soft side and have a choir worthy voice. In one song titled “Big Empty”, Weiland shows both of those techniques.”


“Pop-rocker Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty is easily recognized as one of the most amazing voices in 90’s rock music. He stole the torch from Weiland, and put it in a different style of music. Rob is known for his passionate vocal style, and his range, and it’s especially important to regard that the guy almost never warms up.”


“Bono of U2 is one of the most successful vocalists of the 80’s and 90’s, and the main reason is because he took what all the singers I just listed could do, and found a way to make it different. For example, how much range and passion Rob Thomas has was later picked up by Bono, and he pulled off what he could do expect with a more distinctive sound. Bono is great behind the microphone, and actually out of all the singers listed he probably is the best with pronunciation and with making the vowels form behind his front teeth.”


“Counting Crows Adam Duritz has a indescribably great voice. I can’t quite explain it, but I can say he has the widest range out of any modern rock singer, and his voice is clear and clean, and he easily could sing accapella or some more difficult singing genre.”


“Radiohead’s Thom Yorke can overtone. If you don’t know what it means I’ll explain, it’s the act in which a singer hits two notes at once. I know. Amazing. No need for backing vocalists when you have this guy! He’s known for his falsetto vocals and was rightfully dubbed by Rolling Stone “Top 100 Greatest Vocalists In Music History” in 2008.”


11. Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

12. Chris Martin (Coldplay)

13. Pat Monahan (Train)

14. Dave Matthews (Dave Matthews Band)

15. Corey Taylor (Slipknot)

16. Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters)

17. Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)

18. Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam)

19. Michael Stipe (R.E.M.

20. Robert Smith (The Cure)

3 thoughts on “10 Greatest Rock Vocalists Of The 90’s

  1. Good list! 90’s were about great songs with unique and recognizable voices. Top 5 Eddie Vedder
    Rob Thomas
    Dave Mathews
    Kurt Cobain
    Adam Duritz

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  2. What a great topic and an even better list. I love how you included The Cranberries, the list wouldn’t be complete without her. Your content is always meaningful and well written. Keep it up I love reading your work! My favorite is Dave Matthews but I’m guessing you already knew that!

    Liked by 1 person

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