Bush – Black And White Rainbows Review

“I’m a pretty huge fan of Bush, their music has inspired me for a while. But I think that me and many other fans of these guys can agree that this new album isn’t very “great”. I mean the album doesn’t suck, about every track is just mediocre. Unlike 1994’s “Sixteen Stone”, with “Glycerine”, “Machinehead”, “Comedown”, and more great songs. I know that in the past I’ve posted reviews for bands I love that weren’t really great, but it might be because they just can’t beat their 90’s work. They had more stuff to write about, and it was a better time music-wise. All I’m saying is what I’ve usually said in the past about these new albums. They don’t match their older music. I don’t know if there’s some weird science behind it or something, but it’s just true. I look forward to finding a band I love from the 90’s put out a 5 star record. And I guess it’s not Bush. I’ll always love them though, they changed Brit-rock forever and Gavin’s a incredible songwriter. I guess the new line-up just doesn’t play with quite as much passion as the original did.” -Luke Giese

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