Album Review:Graveyard Shift – Motionless In White

“In the past I’ve written reviews on bands I enjoy and their new albums, none of which have been great. But today I’m taking a look at a band I like and a new studio album that was good. A “redemption review”. I’m not a big Motionless In White fan, don’t get me wrong I like them, but their not like “Top 40 Greatest Rock Bands”, know what I’m saying? Anyways this was their best album, after enjoying “Creatures”, and “Reincarnate”, I’ve really really liked this one. Featuring the great and moving “Eternally Yours”, and a spoof with Korn’s Jonathan Davis In “Necessary Evil”, (being the only time I really like Korn), the album proves it’s case. This album is even great for those who aren’t even fans of metal. So whether you like these guys or not, I think you should check it out!” -Luke Giese

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