My Review For Stone Temple Pilots New Single “Meadow”

“I am a huge Stone Temple Pilots fan, their music has run through me for years. And before I get to what I don’t like about their new single “Meadow”, I’ll tell you what I like first. It’s a catchy song, fun. But I think that this new singer just isn’t very good for rock. Maybe he is and I just don’t know, but I believe their songs were meant to be sung by Scott Weiland. I wish he never passed, and it was a very bad decision firing him. They haven’t been as successful since Scott was fired. His voice was incredible, and no other voice fits this band’s music better. They picked the perfect guy for the job. But I don’t care who is the new singer, whether it’s someone I love or loathe. Scott Weiland fits better than ANYBODY. While half of me doesn’t want one of my favorite bands ever to break up, another half of me is saying that it’s not the right choice to be with Jeff. The single was ok, but it’s only going to get worse. I mean next thing you know they release an album, an it won’t even sound like Stone Temple Pilots anymore. I think their new vocalist Jeff has some talent, but I also think that Gavin Rossdale and Billie Joe Armstrong have LOTS of talent. But that doesn’t mean they should be the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots. I hope to read more reviews and see what other music journalists think, so I can get a second opinion and get an inside view of what fellow STP fans are saying. Thanks for reading my review, I’ll always love you Stone Temple Pilots! But it’s not quite the same without Scott.” -Luke Giese

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