10 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time

“Guitar is recognized as one of the most difficult instruments ever, and it’s well known there are many amazing guitar prodigies. And today we’re taking a look at the ten greatest guitar prodigies of all time. Drop a like!” -Luke Giese

10. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin

“Jimmy Page definitely is top ten greatest guitarists of all time. This one can’t come to a surprise to anyone, because just listen to “Stairway To Heaven”, and you’ll see. Page writes some of the greatest solos ever and a lot of them are incredible because not only of how great they are, but also because their improvised.”

9. Buddy Guy

“Dang right, he’s got the blues! Riff lord Buddy Guy, is strong in music theory, performing, and composing solos. He brought distortion and tapping to the blues genre and shaped the sound of it with his creative jazzy chord progressions with fast and melodic solos.”

8. Joe Walsh of The Eagles

“Joe Walsh is widely recognized as the lead guitarist from many bands, but mainly is credited as the lead guitarist of the Eagles. And it’s because of “Hotel California”, which is infact my favorite guitar solo of all time. It’s the most melodic solo in music history and always has me singing along, it never gets old and is like a great song in itself as a solo.”

7. Albert King

“Albert King really stole the torch from Buddy Guy, some may argue that Buddy was better, but if you ask me Albert is. He wrote songs with great solos, and perfected blues music. From long and hard solos to simple yet fast riffs, Albert King shows his talents.”

6. Stevie Ray Vaghun

“Stevie Ray Vaghun was the god of whammy. Each solo sounded completely different and he used many different techniques in each song. He combined blues with rock, and started the movement of that combination. Not only was he an influential member in music, he always is still today referred to as “The King Of Blues-Guitarists”, because of how great and influential he was.”

5. Angus Young of AC/DC

“Angus Young still continues to surprise me. With all the jumping and messy stuff he did on stage he managed to stay on key throughout the whole song. In the power songs like “Thunderstruck” (which actually consists of about every electric guitar technique), to the iconic hits like “Back In Black”, Angus Young shows he can play hundreds of notes a minute and extremely fast as well.”

4. George Harrison of The Beatles

“George Harrison, being already known as a founding member of the Fab Four, is also recognized as one of the most influential guitarists in music history. He invented the idea of more complex chords, in more creative chord progressions, and really honestly started the idea of melodic solos with killer-hooks and fun riffs.”

3. Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath

“Tony Iommi plays some of the most envigrously fast, awesome, and challenging songs ever in the history of guitar. And he’s missing a hand! The guy adapted to loosing his hand and other fingers quickly, and learned guitar right-side up, and upside down. The man clearly has to be at least in the top 3.”

2. Carlos Santana

“Carlos Santana brought 70’s guitar music to its popularity. Latino featuring distortion, and many different techniques such as slide guitar, and sweep picking. Santana really clearly has rightfully been dubbed as a guitar prodigy.”

“Before giving you my #1 pick for the greatest guitarist of all time, here’s a shortlist of honorable mentions….”

11. B.B. King

12. Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac

13. Andy Summers of The Police

14. David Gilmour of Pink Floyd

15. Peter Buck of R.E.M.

16. Brian May of Queen

17. Mike Campbell of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

18. Dimebag Darell of Pantera

19. Mike McCready of Pearl Jam

20. Les Paul

1. Jimi Hendrix

“Yup. As predicted, it’s clear! Jimi Hendrix is/was the greatest guitarist of all time. He could play right side up, upside down, he mastered tapping, slapping, sweeping, and every song had a mind-blowing and awesome guitar solo, there was a lot by him that just almost couldn’t even be tabbed out on sheet music. And he invented one of my all time favorite riffs “Purple Haze”. Which is why he’s also the ultimate author of riffs and licks.”

“Thank-you all for reading again! Who do you think the greatest guitarist of all time is? Was my list accurate? Tell me in the comments below!”

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