My Review For Green Day’s “God’s Favorite Band” Greatest Hits Complimation

“Calling all punks: Green Day finally released their greatest hits album! And it is cringeworthy! I mean “God’s favorite band”, cmon guys you’re better than this. And with the whole cartoony album cover! Anyway, as you guys know I’m a pretty huge Green Day fan, but I think there are a lot better Green Day songs that could have been put in this album, and the cover is just flat out pathetic. Nobody puts any time into these anymore, and I’m very disappointed that they went with what everybody else is doing and thoughtlessly slapped that fiasco on the cover. Yet a side-note, some of the greatest songs ever written are on here. “Holiday”, “When I Come Around”, and tons of great work not only for these guys, but in general rock history. I definitely don’t think that they needed to put “Ordinary World” in there. I mean the song’s not bad, but putting it in your greatest hits album is a bit of a stretch. I mean compared to their other earlier stuff, it’s really not worthy of being noted as one of your greatest hits. None-the-less this album is great, and whether you like Green Day or not I’d suggest you check it out. My love for this band will only grow over the years, Green Day forever! I hope this helped. So anyways if you thought about listening to it, then I think you should. There’s some very good music in this compilation. I just think they could and should have come up with a better and less cringy cover.” -Luke Giese

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