My Review For Fender Harmonicas

“Hey guys, you know if you have read any of previous articles and reviews that I play harmonica, (or if you have looked me up), a friend of mine asked me “what brand of harmonica is best.” While there are a lot, if you’re looking to get a chromatic harmonica then you can’t go wrong with the Fender blues deluxe harmonicas. They come with a free case and cloth, the sound comes in perfectly, and they are the cheapest harmonicas out there! You can get them in the keys of C, E, A, G, B, & F. They’re great and made of steel! They look absolutely gorgeous, and are fun & easy to learn on! 5 Stars for these guys, they make good instruments in general. So whether your a guitarist, bassist, drummer, or harmonica player, then you can’t go wrong with Fender!” You can get these harmonicas simply on Amazon &/Or Guitar Center. About a $11 dollars a piece. Seems to good to be true? Well that’s because it’s so good it’s true. So go buy a Fender blues deluxe harmonica today!”

Rock on, Luke Giese

One thought on “My Review For Fender Harmonicas

  1. My grandfather played harmonica. You are getting SO good at it! The ones you have sound awesome so I can agree with this review.


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