My Review For Guitar Center

“Guitar Center is great, they have about every brand of musical instrument you can think of from Fender to Vintage. However things are very pricey, you could get the same exact guitar at Frisco Music Center for cheaper, and lessons are better and less expensive there, and there’s a few nameless guitar center employees that are very rude. I’d give this place a good 3 1/2 Stars, which is great for a large cooperation business. The only thing I’d criticize is the prices, and better teachers. They really focus more on advertising guitars, which is totally fine. There’s a lot of great guitars, drum kits, and mics and stuff there, and in about every brand. If you don’t live in Texas, then you could come here to buy a new guitar. They carry plenty of great quality instruments, and I can’t talk down about that. They repair instruments fantastically, and if you need equipment or instruments fixed, then this place is great! They have these in about every city, so if your looking to get your guitar repaired, or need some tube amps then this is a fine place to go to. P.S. about everything they carry is on sale in March.” – Luke Giese

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