My Top 5 Favorite Albums Of The 90’s

“Hey everybody, if you guys have ever read my reviews before you probably know how much I love 90’s rock music. And my friend asked me earlier “What do you think Is the greatest album of the 90’s?”, and I practically exploded. Thought after thought came into my head, so I sat down and drafted out some of the my favorite songs of the 90’s and came out the following results.” -Luke Giese


“This album has some of the best material of the 90’s. “All Over You”, “Lightning Crashes”, “Selling The Drama”, “The Dam At Otter Creek”, and much more artsy alternative rock falls into this album. This is probably the most underrated album of the 90’s, and if you haven’t listened to this before, I think it’s important you do. If you like 90’s alt-rock, than this album is something you should check out. Featuring Ed Koalsheskys shape-shifting vocals, and motivating solos with powerful lyrics this album DEFINITELY without question needs to make the top 5 at least.” -Luke Giese


“This album is beautiful, each track goes in a specific order like a book, and each song is an amazing story. Adam Duritz blew it out of the park, as this was the band’s first album. The album should and could be made into a movie it was so good, like how Green Day’s American Idiot was made into a play. With Jams like “Mr. Jones”, “Anna Begins”, & “Omaha”, you hear how much passion and heart was put into the music. It doesn’t even matter how much you listen to it, it never gets old. They always sound like a couple of guys jamming, and that’s how it should be. No auto-tune, no nothing. Just raw talent and beautiful song lines. After all “It’s The Heart That Matters More.” There’s not a bad song off this album, and it’s just a straight up general rock album, made in a time when alternative and grunge was at the masses. They flew in the face of that fashion, especially with this mind blowing album. That’s why it’s occasionally referred to as “an album within an album” -Luke Giese


“If you have read anything on here, you know that I’m a mega Smashing Pumpkins fan. And man did they do great on this album. Featuring power-ballads such as “Tonight, Tonight”, and “1979”, This album hits it out of the park. It builds up every track. It goes from 1979 to the pumpkins hardest metalish songs like “Bodies”, & “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”. This album proves that Billy can sing pretty freaking good, and that he appreciates other musicians. As he brings in horn arrangements and a regular symphony. There was a lot of passion and thought put into this moving album, and if you haven’t ever found the time to check it out, then now is the time you should. By far one of the greatest albums not only of the 90’s, but in all of rock.” -Luke Giese


“This album was a big breakthrough for the pumpkins, and also just in the general 90’s rock era. Featuring some of the pumpkins best solos like in “Cherub Rock”, or “Today”, and the heartbreaking yet beautiful “Disarm”, we feel how hard of a time this was for Billy Corgan. And when a musical composer makes somebody they don’t know feel emotional, you know they’re talented. I absolutely love this album, I love this band and not having hesitation would need to put this album in this list. It falls right under the topic of “top 5 greatest albums of the 90’s”, and again – If you haven’t listened to it before, it’s HAS to be on your schedule.” -Luke Giese


“The most influential and greatest album of the 90’s for sure. One swift kick to the opening riff of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, and from there Kurt Cobain’s songwriting takes you through a magical journey of beautiful heartfelt music. From feeling rejected, to feeling fine, this album will relate to you, ages 7 to 79 love this album. This album is never boring, and never gets old. Always exciting, and I could listen to it over and over again every day. It builds up in every song, as it does in the album, like a tower, Teen Spirit is the strong sturdy base, and ending track “Endless, Nameless” is the top. It took How August and Everything After is a book, and put it to the extreme.” -Luke Giese

“Hope you guys enjoyed my list. I’m sure that yours is different, and that’s fine. The way it should be, where everybody is different. This was based on my personal opinion. Anyways I’ll talk to you guys later. Have a good one, and keep rocking out!” -Luke Giese

One thought on “My Top 5 Favorite Albums Of The 90’s

  1. Great list spot on with Nirvana and Counting Crows
    I would add Pearl Jam – 10
    Matchbox 20 – Yourself or someone like you
    Dave Mathews Band – Crush


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