My Review For “Lithium” Satellite Radio Station

“Lithium is my favorite station. Primarily because it’s the station that plays Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana the most. But also because the mix is different every day, from Beck to Billie Joe Armstrong, it’s unpredictable great music from my favorite decade for music, the 90’s. The guest-DJs are the funniest and are a lot more interesting than any other radio station’s guests, and they don’t talk forever and instead just pop in a funny joke then put on the song. I’d say the only thing I don’t like about this station is the Nine Inch Nails music & Hole. I mean I don’t even understand Hole, NOBODY likes them. People liked them in the 90’s because Courtney Love was the only alt-Rock female, but then the cranberries, & Garbage came out, & 4 non blondes, and veruca salt came out, and then she married and probably even killed Kurt Cobain, which left everybody forever hating her. And with Nine Inch Nails, I mean it’s not even real rock. Rock is suppose to have meaningful lyrics, not like pop where you just write about who you had sex with last night. And with the Circuitbending, I mean come on bring out some real musical instruments. I mean just like with pop, people are just paying to see some guy with lights behind him. But anyways I shouldn’t get too much into the negative hatred part of this review, as one wise man once said “If you can’t find one thing positive about the band or artist, they don’t write the review”, therefore meaning I won’t write any reviews for music made by Trent Reznor. A good 4 1/2 Stars for this radio station on most days, and I think everybody believes that all radio stations play crappy music or repeated songs from time to time. Thanks for the good tunes Lithium! Keep on bringing out more Billy Corgan, Adam Duritz, & Eddie Vedder! Big fan of you guys!” -Luke Giese

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