Ten Hardest Instruments To Learn How To Play

Ten hardest instruments to learn

“Learning an instrument is really tough. And some are harder than others. As a musician and multi-instrumentalist, I’ve decided to take a look at what the ten hardest instruments are to learn. And here’s what I came up with…”

10. Drums

“A lot of people underestimate how challenging it is to play this instrument. People say it’s not that hard, you’re just banging around. WRONG, the drummer is in charge of keeping everybody on pace and on tempo, and even with a simple kit this instrument is challenging. It’s honestly like a bunch of different instruments you’re playing at once, and it is in my opinion without any doubts at all one of the hardest instruments to learn. It’s also like a workout, as a drummer your constantly moving your arms and limbs around, and not only are you a musician but you’re also exercising because that’s how hard it is to play this instrument.”

9. Oboe

“This is also a very physical instrument. Your mouth is doing most all of the work, and it has to be completely perfect the whole time. And that’s just one part about it, not mentioning all the different keys that make the notes. You have to press down on different keys, know the fingerings, have your lips perfect, and have lungs of steel.”

8. Organ

“This instrument is extremely difficult. It consists of two rows of keyboards, and a ton of different pedals below that you to use so that sound will come out. While one hand is playing the chords, the other is doing the complete opposite and playing a melody. This ancient instrument is not only iconic but also definitely with no hesitation one of hardest instruments to learn how to play. With it, you need to read sheet music, know the names of the keys, have really great hand and eye coordination and all at the same time perform.”

7. Bagpipes

“The bagpipes are credited as one of the most difficult and frustrating instruments of all time, primarily because the multi-tasking that comes with it. You have to blow into the mouth piece, while squeezing the bag so the sound comes out, while pressing the keys to make the notes. It’s pretty easy to get upset while playing them, and the worst thing is there is literally no room at all for any error whatsoever.”

6. Piano

“Piano, one of the most popular instruments ever, is a lot harder than everybody says it is. Like organ, you need to know the fingerings, positions, pedals, and play opposite things all while reading sheet music. It takes how hard the organ is, and brings it to a whole new level.”

5. Guitar

“Everybody thinks of this instrument as a one way ticket to becoming a rock star. The only problem with that is it’s not true. Credited as one of the hardest instruments to learn and/or master because there are literally endless techniques. While one hand must strum or pluck the strings the other is playing the notes, the stuff you can do with it are endless and that’s the main reason it’s so hard to learn. Right when you master one thing, there’s another thing you need to master. And not to mention how painful it can be pressing down on the steel strings.” -Luke Giese

4. Accordion

“Accordion is actually like playing several different instruments at the same time. While pressing down on the keys, you have to push the buttons for the bass notes AND you have to pull the back of it back and forth to breathe air through the instrument.”

3. Synthesizers

“Anther instrument using keys on this list. Synthesizers are one of the hardest instruments to learn because they’re all different. Also because you have to learn piano before you can learn these. There are hundreds of different tones you have to learn how to use, and you have to adapt quickly to a synthesizer you’ve never used before, or else you won’t be able to play it. You have to know a lot about tech to play Synthesizers without keyboards, and as crazy as it sounds you need to take synthesis.” -Luke Giese

2. French Horn

“French horn has always been looked at as one of the more odd looking instruments. Shaped like a comma, the French horn is a wind instrument that takes a lot of talent, discipline, and practice to learn. Your lips, like with the oboe, have to be absolutely perfect, and have to be firm and tight the whole time your playing it. Your lungs have to be incredibly strong, and on top of that you need to play the keys, mute the horn by placing your hand in the bell, and read sheet music you’ve never seen before.”

“Before giving you what I think the hardest instrument ever to learn and master is, here are a few honorable mentions”

11. Bass-guitar

12. Trombone

13. Cello

14. Saxophone

15. Harp

16. Clarinet

17. Double-bass

18. Voice

19. Tuba

20. Trumpet

1. Violin

“This instrument requires the most discipline and patience on the planet. While knowing how to read sheet music, pressing down extremely hard on the strings on the fretboard, all at the same time of brushing the stick-thingy on the strings so it makes sound. For years its been recognized as the hardest instrument ever.” -Luke Giese

“Thanks a bunch for reading guys! Let me know in the commentary section below what you think the hardest instrument to learn is. Tell me what I left out.” Rock on, -Luke Giese

5 thoughts on “Ten Hardest Instruments To Learn How To Play

  1. This is great! I love your writing style and so much thought is in your content. For someone like me, all instruments are hard! You amaze me everyday with your mad skills! 😊

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