Why Flea Is The Greatest Bassist Of All Time

“Hey guys, it’s Luke! I’m hear to inform you and let you know that I think that Flea is the greatest bassist alive. You see I am a musician. I play guitar, bass, piano, harmonica, & ukulele. I’ve been listening to a lot of Red Hot Chili Peppers lately, I mean more than usual. And I’ve been discovering bass lines that I didn’t know could be possible. I didn’t even know you could play it like that! Flea is absolutely amazing, not one song by the Chili Peppers has a bad bass line. Although they have sold some bad songs (everybody has), not one song has a bad bass line. No bassists have passion and energy like Flea, and nobody can play all of those techniques perfectly like him. Sure all great bass players master at least one technique and know a few others okay, but Flea has masterd All Of Them. In “Californication”, & “Higher Ground”, the Bass-lines are so great you’ll mistake it for a guitar riff. I mean I always knew that Flea was the most advertised bass player, but I never knew until I sat through and listened to now what is one of my favorite albums of the 90’s, Californication, to discover Flea is one of the few bassists in rock that you just can’t replace. Their bass riffs are never boring, and are in fact like a whole different song than the guitar parts, yet still follow the song and fall right into place perfectly. Keep up the great work Flea, and slap the heck out of that Jazz Bass!” -Luke Giese

One thought on “Why Flea Is The Greatest Bassist Of All Time

  1. Well written and interesting. In music, as in life, keep an open mind and you will discover many new things and different insights.


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