My Review For Billy Corgan’s New Album “Ogila”

“Hey guys! As you probably know Billy Corgan has recorded and released his new solo album “Ogila”. Now any human person that has met me knows I love Billy Corgan, but I must say this new record he has produced is trying slightly too hard. Now please everybody reading, please don’t take that as “Luke Giese said Billy Corgan’s new album sucked”! Because it doesn’t, however I’m a music critic and it’s what I’m supposed to do. Give constructive criticism. Ogila contains some good work, such as “Aeronaut”, and “Zowie”, but this album is definitely not Billy at his best. This Album was very Bowie-Powered, the only problem is if you’re not David Bowie, it’s hard to write like David Bowie. I found it very pleasant and neat how Billy brought in horn arrangements and such, but I think anybody who is a Smashing Pumpkins fan can agree with me that “Ogila” is not him at his best. 3 stars for Ogila, 5 Stars for Siamese Dream & Mellon Collie. If his best is 5 Stars (which it is), then Ogila isn’t his best. 5 is the most you can get, and it’s not bad if your worst is only 3 Stars, and your average is 4. I’m a mega fan of yours Billy Corgan, and I hoped this helped.” -Luke Giese

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