My Tribute To Billy Corgan

“Billy Corgan is an amazing guitarist, songwriter, & musician. He wrote some of the greatest work of the 90’s, which is my favorite decade for music. Siamese Dream is one of my favorite records of all time. With songs like “Disarm”, & “Today”, we know how much heart means to him, and it means a lot to me too. Take note Trent Reznor, and learn that life is more than meaningless animal sex. Thank-you Billy Corgan for all the great music over the years, Siamese Dream is truly a 5 Star Record. And “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” off Mellon Collie is my favorite song of the 90’s. No contest at all there. Anyhow I just thought since I’m a Music journalist, I can throw in a few thank-you’s. Also a shout-out to Lithium for playing a lot of Corgan’s music. You guys are my favorite station.” -Luke Giese

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