Reflecting On Kurt Cobain

Hey guys, today is kinda my tribute to Kurt Cobain. Also a quite shout out to all following, thank-you guys! Anyways today we’re taking a look and remembering one of the most amazing rock stars that this planet has ever witnessed, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. He would have been 51 just a few weeks ago, so I thought it would be nice if we took some moments to remember, reflect, and Love on Kurt Cobain. One of my personal favorite Cobain moments is when he told Axl Rose to step off. He stood his ground and said even if you’ll pay me lots of money, I won’t tour with you. Which is good, because you shouldn’t tour with someone you don’t like, plus even people that like Guns’n’Roses admit – Axl is a real jerk, not even fans want to work with him in the music industry. My favorite Nirvana album is definitely Nevermind, this was really hard because they only sold 4 in which were all good. Featuring one of the most iconic songs in history “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, and the great “Come As You Are”, with the all inspiring songs “Lithium”, “Polly”, & “In Bloom”, you’ll find that this is their best album. So take time in your day to remember Kurt Cobain, listen to your favorite Nirvana album, and enjoy the great music he put out. Thank-you Kurt Cobain, The world is a bluer place with out you, but it makes me happy to hear your great music. So don’t moan, Kurt wouldn’t have wanted that. Today, go celebrate all the great music he made.” -Luke Giese

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