In every way, I am stretched across my shame. Once upon a time, I did try to change.

Carrying guilt with me everywhere I go, nothing left to say, nothing left to know. Like a tree that was struck down by lightning, I am going nowhere – and it is frightening.

All I cause is pain, I know everyone else thinks the same. Shackled in my past mistakes, a dungeon in the darkest cave. All I can do is reflect on better, brighter days.


Storming at the square, anything for a good scare. They’ll believe all his lies, as he tells them he’s being victimized. Sitting on a throne of felony, saying he’ll overturn something he can’t – anything for some more money.

He led them to the town, he turned his back on them without a frown. But they cannot see through their own ignorance – they’ll never let it go, but he won’t be missed.

A spineless coward with a heart as cold as ice, there his goons go to put up another worthless fight. Wanting nothing more than to see this country crumble, we knew when he came along that we would stumble. But we didn’t know how far gone things would get, as his evil army tears down Washington – he insists they’re “just upset.” As the next fool comes in, bad but predictable – we will never forget how the waste before made things so unstable.

As they blindly follow whatever he says, he and his cult aboard on their sinking ship are finally laid to rest.

Worth Waiting For

I haven’t met you yet, but I know you’re worth waiting for. I’ll know it is you the moment are our eyes meet, I will feel an eclipse in my core.

The moment will be as beautiful as tulips in the spring, we will know what we feel is more than a fling.

A feeling more unique than a family heirloom out in a field, I will always be there for and protect you – I’ll be your shield.

You will always have my heart, we will never be apart. We’ll know it is love we’re feeling, right from the start.


Most nights I just can’t get myself to sleep. I can’t stop reflecting on how much I overthink. Does anybody actually care the way I think they do, is this just my mind playing tricks on me – leading me to believe that it is true?

On an airplane, I glide – through the sky of my mind. Looking back over all of the times I failed, but tried.

My brain is on autopilot, and it just won’t let me go. It is set on overdrive, and how to stop it – I am yet to know.

I’m in love with my broken heart, alongside my sadness. At least it is something – through the glass mirror in the face of my dreams. It is reasons such as this why I just cannot get to sleep.


Look into the forrest, the woods of dying dreams. I hate love, I hate me, I hate everything.

Woodsmen on the prowl fall down a well, they were looking for some people – people to which they could sell.

A witch flies around past the palace’s land – watching this evil grow, sex on command.

From the fiery gates of Hell, the pigs are blinded and can’t see. They suffer in the dark – just as for them, it should be.

Manual Labor

Reflecting on all of the years that have passed, all of the pain and the hurt that seems to ever-last.

There is nothing worse than feeling alone, feeling alone in winter. Through all of my shame, I strive to find a place where hope glimmers. I can’t recall the last time I felt a real smile. It was taken long ago by the girl to whom I had swam for across the Nile. I can’t remember the last thing that she said the last time that we spoke. It was so long ago, if I still loved her – I feel I would know.

School days on the rise, I don’t remember what it was even like. Perhaps it serves me right, perhaps it’s for the best – for most of the source came from all the rest. Does she still think about me? I could care less. For she is a heartbreaker – one to which I will never have the courage to confront or confess.

It doesn’t get any easier, watching the memories come back. We had good times, bad times – but truly loving ones, we lacked. I will not forgive you, and I do not care if you say the same. We are a closed book with every page so torn, just looking for someone to blame.

The Needle

I stick the needle deep in me, I stick it in my dying dream. Look to the heavens while on your knees, see just how it separates me from me.

A painting on display in a dark world. Every day is another day, there’s always something more. To look forward to and shout out loud, “Tomorrow is near, break away from the crowd.”

In the dark ages of days grand and new – the hurt can’t last, not from me to you.

An Ode to Hunter

A feeling of peace takes over me every time that I stare into your deep blue eyes. You shine brighter than every single star in the galaxy, you’re sweeter than cherry pie.

You’re playing my heart like a saxophone solo, hitting every note perfectly that makes me fall even harder in love with you. The buzz in my fingertips that occurs when I gaze upon your beautiful, long, golden hair reminds me what I feel is true.

I’d do anything just to see your beautiful smile. For it is the most captivating of melodies, and a sight that would motivate me to run for endless miles. I’d charge through an avalanche, I’d set sail through the sea. Even when the waves are rough – knowing they lead to you makes them as smooth sailing as can be.

Every time we lock eyes, I can’t explain the feelings that you give me in my heart. You can make it last forever, your love washed away all of my scars.

Fast Socket Motions

I woke up one night in what I thought was a dream, dragged to Hell in agony and never ending screams.

Up above, there was a crow – striking souls by the hour. Walking to the moon just to find a god without it’s powers.

I woke up just just shy of the ledge, in a pool of sweat, safe in my bed. Across the room, the TV laid on – and the nightstand still there after what it had endured at dawn. It was just a dream after all, one that was wrong. Like a terribly cursed song, one far too long.

The Atmosphere

What a relief it is to know that you are with me. Your love is all I need, the pen to my page, the sugar to my tea.

When I am with you, no matter what – everything is fun and feels like summer camp. Staring into your beautiful, perfect blue eyes never fails to bring me peace and remind me of how blessed I am.

When I am with you, all obsidian feelings disappear. You make me feel so happy and free, I will never understand what I did to deserve you being here.

You are beautiful, you are wise, the greatest pleasure of my life is calling you mine. You are funny, you are kind, you have such a brilliant, bright, and wonderful mind. You are hard working, you inspire me, you have the most amazing taste and breathtaking, mesmerizing, captivating face.

What a relief it is to hold your hand and be by your side, being yours is the greatest honor of my life.